‘Orizon Offices’. Orizon Insurance Flagship Offices have been exhibited and nominated for Mies van der Rohe Awards 2013 while featured cover for EK Magazine. This interior design project employs digital fabrication technologies for representing a brand, as a 3-dimensional logo. The main rule is to mirror the space on a seamless horizontal plane, implying this the idea of horizon, which evokes the company name. This idea extends on all furniture, digitally fabricated with details of scoring and 3d milling. The same geometry is applied on hard and soft materials as surface details of the desks, benches, doors and other interior design pieces. This project is addressing a new character for the Flagship Store of an insurance company in Athens called ‘Horizon’. The main design is based on the concept of a new three-dimensional logo designed by the Architects extends into all different types of scales in the overall architectural design. There are 4 themes that organize and reflect the space: the ceiling, the floor, the staircase and the 5m new logo on a black wall. The outlines of the four clouds hovering from above are reflected as metal inlays on the floor, implying the idea of the ‘horizon’. The reflective architectural materials give the impression of a mirrored space on an endless horizontal plane. This idea extends on a smaller scale applied on all furniture design; digitally fabricated by the Architects with details of scoring and 3d milling, following the same nature of geometry on hard and soft material. A staircase organised by cantilevered steps is connecting the new space to the rest of the building, underlining this feeling of hovering as an experience of a passage. The overall space is strongly white with a feeling of a surgical room contrasted by a black wall, which frames the new company logo. The black background represents a new idea for the company s global marketing approach.