Project Year
Private Housing
Palaio Psychiko, Athens

Luxury Apartments Nexus BUT|ter|FLY

“What is the relationship of pink caviar with transparent bubbles? Or the relationship between suspenders, strings and mercury? A BUT|ter|FLY in Athens answers on that”.

Nefeli Chatzimina

BUT|ter|FLY project is a moment of urban allusion within the fabric of the city. The project is a five-story residential building with nine apartments in a typical neighborhood of Athenian suburbs. The building stands as a weird unfamiliar Object which at first sight does not belong to its surroundings. It is a strong urban gesture that redefines its Context (Topos). BUT|ter|FLY reinvents the character of its neighborhood and indirectly develops new associations with surrounding buildings operating as an Icon for the extended area.

The architectural design approach is primarily based on formal exploration using animation software and Artificial Intelligence data input. Design proposal focuses on a pure Autonomous Form applying topological geometries with internal system of geometrical rules and correlations.
It is a myopic exploration of Form following advanced design techniques and digital construction technology. Through this process new house typologies are re-invented. The concept is based on a strong narrative of dynamic views with an intense relation of inside-out experience for the visitor.
World renowned photographer Erieta Attali noted that narrational views towards the city and the distant mountains of larger Attica region are framed in between the curves and the voids of the building envelope.
Erieta through her photographic lens had the wide perception to explain to us the power of this urban Object and its Context and how it can be captured from the surrounding rooftops where she climbed to catch stunning views dancing with the camera as part of her body around the building. The spatial experience of the user is defined by the fluidity of the Form that follows alcoves and protrusions in order to render a fluid movement of the interior towards the neighborhood, the sky and the Context. During the night the building is shuttle lighten underlying throw the lighten lines the geometry of its Formal behavior, reminding quietly its presence. Construction technology follows recyclable materials and the study of the premises is based on principles of bioclimatic design with parallel classification of the building as A+.

What is the relationship of pink caviar with transparent bubbles? The indirect relationship travels through and in between the Objects and defines them. Simulation is based on the relation of words between Objects. What is the relationship between suspenders, strings and mercury? Indirect relations between words are a way of using Ai technologies. Artificial Intelligence techniques have been applied on the project in order to generate new architectural discussions around the Ai BUT|ter|FLY Concept. Ai has taken place as a Design tool revealing new worlds hidden behind the main concept which was developed primarily using 3D animation software. A series of Ai animation has been generated introducing words that have indirect relationships within the ‘Objects’ of the Concept. Verbal approach is based on the concept of Allusion which is the key word for Nefeli ‘s PhD research. Image is reached through text that describes relationship, simulation and relationships of qualities avoiding indexical connectivity. The strategy applied on this project is image with indirect relations between words. What if Artificial Intelligence gains its own culture same way as digital era and parametric thinking has achieved. Ai can get to the assumption to be a way of thinking. It might now be based on narrow systems of knowledge since there is a lack of cultural identity that surrounds it. Could the architectural audience learn or be trained to accept that? The word being used by architectScripta in Ai technology follows an Abstract Diagram of relations between Objects based on Allusion, implying something indirect.